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What does the workflow look like?
I carefully listen to the client, define the problem, make a research, draft the solution and present it to the client. Next step is to create and present a final concept, make revision and deliver the final requested material.
Advise the client about optional next possible steps in building brand and image.
How much do I charge for services?
Every project is unique so price varies from job to job. After we define what type of services clients needs and we set the work timeline we can do the math.
What do I get?
First you will get full attention and support. Hiring a good Graphic Designer is essential marketing tool for every business. It is an important investment because good design can build your reputation but bad one can ruin it.
After finishing the job you will receive all necessary files and technical guidelines.
Can we work if we are on different locations?
Yes, in todays modern digital age we can collaborate on same project while being on the opposite sides of the planet. All business is conduct via email, whatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facetime… And if happens that we are in the same area, I would be pleased to meet you.
What are the payment options?
Payments can be arranged via bank transfer or PayPal. After we determine the value of the work, usually I request 50% in advance to schedule a new project. The final 50% will be paid after finishing the work in order to receive project files and materials.